Artist Investigations & Cultural Economies

Culture, Art, Technology – Seminar 22.09.21 BK3186 Culture, Art, Technology 1 (2021 HØST) from the materiality of media into their role as witness/evidence in investigations… Artistic Investigations: Cultural economies, data, surveillance & ecologies of value. Shu Lea Cheang 3x3x6 – Venice Biennale 2019 “We live in a society where (the) surveillance camera is everywhere. We […]

Graphic Scores + Bridge Music

Graphic Score Examples Bridge Music Notation Anthem Score music notation transcribed from bridge sound recordings AI Generated Bridge Lyrics Created by A vision of fate has led astray Burning the bridge at dusk Chorus An ivory bridge For love, for art, for peace, for words For dying, for starting A concrete bridge over streams […]

Signal on the Silver Bridge

Composition based on recording the vibrations in the structure of bridges from around the world. A sonic sculpture creating a collective space for reflection as you pass through the bell tower into the Church of our Lady. Contemplating the bridges from everyday to eternity. Signal on the Silver Bridge Torsdag 29. april, Vår Frue kirke […]

JavaScript Music Tutorial

I’ve started digging through the tutorials saved in earlier posts and found the first two not that useful. The Generative Jam Template Belibat uses relies heavily on existing modular synths, and while it gives some helpful process tips in terms of the kinds of modulations one might choose to make to a note, it’s not […]

Bridge playing trumpet

After two days in the studio I worked through so many of the conceptual questions that have been bugging me for months. And opened up a stack of new ones. Basically, I managed to hack my way around the twotone file structure and get my bridge samples into their system, playing as instruments in the […]

Acceleration Data Sonification

Thanks to the generous structural monitoring engineers at NTNU, I have access to an incredible range of accelerometer data from the Hardanger Bridge. It only took one more specific search term, and is published under a creative commons (cc-by) license. Now the fun really starts – downloading the csv files: LowWind, HighFreq; MaxLift, LowFreq, MaxPitch, […]

Data Sonification TwoTone

Data Sonification toolkit coming together! Today I’m learning about TwoTone and how to resuscitate a dead web audio interface. The wonderful Øystein Fjeldbo comes by to help me navigate this brave data world, and talks me through some of the options I’m exploring to make a proof-of-concept. First up, based on a tutorial in the […]


OPEN AI: MUSENET MuseNet – OpenAI Try MuseNet. We’re excited to see how musicians and non-musicians alike will use MuseNet to create new compositions! In simple mode (shown by default), you’ll hear random uncurated samples that we’ve pre-generated. Choose a composer or style, an optional start of a famous piece, and start MAGENTA […]


HARDANGER BRIDGE MONITORING NTNU STRUCTRUAL DYNAMICS Hardanger – Monitoring – Research – Structural Dynamics – Department of Structural Engineering – NTNU The Hardanger Bridge, opened in 2013, is a 1380 m long suspension bridge crossing the Hardanger fjord in western Norway. The main span is 1310 m long, which makes it the longest suspension bridge […]


Golden Gate Bridge Accelerometer Data Accelerometer Data collected by Android’s Physics Toolbox Suite on 12 May 2018 Golden Gate Bridge Accelerometer Data Accelerometer Data collected by Android’s Physics Toolbox Suite on 12 May Context I got the chance to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA for the first time […]


STRUCTURAE International Database of Structures: Anzac Bridge ANZAC Bridge (Pyrmont/Rozelle, 1995) | StructuraeANZAC Bridge is a motorway bridge / freeway bridge, cable-stayed bridge with semi-fan system and prestressed concrete bridge that was built from 1992 until 1995. The project is located in Pyrmont and Rozelle, Municipality of Leichhardt, Sydney, New South Wales, SIX […]


Golden gate bridge sensor vibration materials overview Golden Gate Bridge Accelerometers Instrumentation plan for 56 nodes on main span of the Golden Gate Bridge  Fig. 6. Instrumentation plan for 56 nodes on main span of the Golden…Download scientific diagram | Instrumentation plan for 56 nodes on main span of the Golden Gate Bridge  from […]

Generative Music Dive

Every tab open on my screen in the quest to figure out how to write generative music… Some very useful tutorials (including an ableton live project with all the settings – just need to upload bridge samples) and one slightly concerning automatic music generator which seems to be based on avoiding paying copyright to artists. […]


Notes from talk with Martinus about AI music neural nets. Question: How do I train an AI to play experimental music with bridges? Answer: You can use my algorithm! Drilling down into the details, what file formats, where do I actually put them.. Does the AI need metadata? Apparently not as the system reads the […]


These are some of the resources I will be exploring in the course of my research: AI MUSIC, DATA SONIFICATION aLGORITHMIC COMPOSItion + AI Music, Algorithmic Composition, Data Sonification, Machine Creativity Tutorials, guides and how-to courses Examples of Algorithmic Composition Projects using Machine learning + creativity / AI Music FUTURE LEARN: CREATIVE MACHINE LEARNING […]


ARTIST RESEARCHER PRODUCER Jodi Rose is a nomadic writer, artist, producer and creative director of Singing Bridges, an urban sonic sculpture using the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale. She is currently an Artistic Research MFA researcher at Trondheim Art Academy, Norway in the field of Art & Technology. She embraces […]

Diamond Galaxy

VR Worlds for Pixel Practice, Trondheim Open Digital Exhibition  Art Bacchanale & Diamond Galaxy Art Bacchanale is a universe of inter-species harmony. The lone human figure is an astronaut who offers a celebratory drink to the animals. Their speech is transfigured by the dynamics of social relations composed for a cargo ship to an imagined […]

John Cage on Artsy

I’m fascinated to receive an invitation from Artsy about helping to share the work of John Cage. Of course, I’d be delighted! It turns out I learned something – I had no idea that Mr Cage, in addition to being one of the most inspirational and experimental musician/composers also made works on paper and in other forms. […]

Venice Safina Radio

If you can’t make it to Venice for the Biennale, you can still experience the floating radio – listen as you read this personal essay about the political highlights by Maura Reilly. Alternatively, J J Charlesworth tears apart the moral contradictions of the jet set global art world in this article Playing Politics. Venice Radio! Safina […]

Afterall Issue 36 – Borders of the Art World

Laboratoire AGIT’art and Tenq K.P. Krishnakumar Nilbar Güreș Carla Zaccagnini Andrea Büttner Panamarenko Enquiry on the/our outside Afterall is pleased to present issue 36, summer 2014, which features artists and artistic collectives that question the borders of the art world or exploit other possibilities within it. Within a homogenizing art world, how do you find […]

Bertille Bak, The Tour of Babel

Le Grand Café, Contemporary Art Centre, Saint-Nazaire 6 June–31 August 2014 In a practice that poetically blends documentary and fiction, Bertille Bak is developing a unique way of thinking about her contemporaries. As an observer of communities forming and breaking up within delimited territories, she works less like an entomologist pinning down species than with the […]

Camera Austria International 126

 Visual Agency Featuring: Omar Kholeif on Shuruq Harb Vanessa Joan Müller on Özlem Altin Jens Maier-Rothe on Malak Helmy Column by Alanna Lockward The starting point for the current issue was initially summed up with the term “visual agency.” The increase in dissemination channels and the accompanying (at least potential) publicness of visual narratives has […]

this secret world that exists right there in public

Rampa Istanbul 4 June–12 July 2014 Rampa’s first group exhibition this secret world that exists right there in public brings together the works of Etel Adnan, Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin, Francis Alÿs, Otto Berchem, Attila Csörgő, Ergin Çavuşoğlu, Cengiz Çekil, Nilbar Güreş, Berat Işık, Çağdaş Kahriman, Yasemin Özcan, Funda Özgünaydın, İz Öztat & Zişan, Kiki Smith, […]

Performing the City, Biel/Bienne

Le Mouvement – Performing the City The 12th edition of the Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in 2014, curated by Gianni Jetzer and Chris Sharp, continues the innovative spirit of the format by offering the most radical edition yet. True to its provocative legacy of 60 years, Le Mouvement will challenge the very definition of public art […]

Unruly Engagements: Social Turn in Contemporary Art and Design

National conference on socially engaged art November 6–8, 2014 Call for participation Proposal deadline: July 14, 2014 Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106 What does it mean in contemporary art and design to be socially engaged? Are we talking about art that resists the conventional structures of the art world and […]

GPS / Poetic Social Geometry

Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires announces exhibitions of distinguished international artists Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich and Agustina Woodgate at the historic flour mill-turned-arts center. Within the rich architectural and historical backdrop of the Faena Arts Center, Russian artist Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich will present a multi-layered performance piece in the Los Molinos Room, while Argentinian artist Agustina Woodgate will present a new site-specific work that will surpass the […]


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“The city has become our temple, electronic networks our religion, and the inaudible vibrations of bridge cables are the voice of the divine. The word of the universe soaks through my cochlea into the nerve centres. I am wired to god.”

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