In case of FABULOUS!

I’m still figuring this thing out… the structure, content, taxonomy and conceptual framework.

One thing that I’m sure of though, is that it will be FABULOUS!


Inviting friends and colleagues from around the galaxy to be part of this new venture to contribute ideas, information, projects, and reports. There are so many incredible artists, creators and  adventurers who I want to hear from, to know more about what they’re doing, where they are and how they make sense of it all….

The profile is likely to be a “conversational interview” in person, via email or skype, depending on where we both are. A process of filtering perception, framing and paying attention, this could go anywhere. Unfixed to any one location or medium, the work and practices that engage and inspire me originate in many places, people and forms. Main elements of the curatorial framework is a focus on people who are genuinely trying to bring something unknown to light, create different perspectives, frame or understand existing things in a new way, with a sense of joy and possibility, magic and wonder.

Some of the wild and wonderful people you may also be hearing from soon:

Sophea Lerner, Andy Holtin, Mari Keski-Korsu, Andrew Paterson, Tapio Mäkelä, Justin Tyler Tate, Drew Denny, Error Collective, Päivi Raivio, HeHe, Somaya Langley, John Hopkins, Hanna Husberg, Julian Bonequi, Fee Plumley, Juha Huuskonen, artkillart, SADO OPERA… and more!


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