Carte de Artiste

Daniel Knorr

Books issued in different countries and regions

containing a DVD with the documentation of the making process

The process of creating the Artist Book involves mapping the particularities of city and the peculiarities dictating the circulation of value, as artist Daniel Knorr collects ‘trash’ and objects found on the street and transforms these found and abandoned materials into a highly desirable and collectible Artist Book.

The objects collected are interleaved into the blank pages of the books and pressed by a 200-ton press, embossing the objects into the paper itself, presented with a DVD documentary of the process.

Each book sets out to respond to local concerns and histories, and the plan is to create a global encyclopedia, mapping the journey of the artist in an endlessly nomadic practice. The book is “translated” into different “languages,” and was produced in China in 2008, in Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand in 2009, Sweden 2010 and Armenia 2011.

“The work offers a materialization of the artist’s concerns with the economics and politics of creative practice in the global art world and the political realities of place. The sampling and transfer of ‘trash’ materials from rubbish found on the streets in his perennial travels, and subsequent transformation into an object of value in the overtly commodified art world, is an example of the ability of artists to revise and renew the conditions in which they are often forced to live through a conscious metamorphosis that creates new forms of material value and exchange.” Jodi Rose

On the lack thereof

‘Daniel Knorr’s bare necessities’

Daniel Knorr’s work can described as a conceptually inflicted practice of very immaterial ideas, writes curator and critic Dieter Roelstraete.

“His is an art predicated on the immediate experience of the irreducible materiality of all thought, on the crafty mining of those ideas that lie dormant in matter, clutter, stuff.”

Knorr’s long-standing interest in an aesthetics of poverty and the critical potential of “poor things”, if not downright trash or street litter in the case of his “Carte de Artiste” series of artist books, made in different cities around the world using waste picked up, with great, meticulous care, from their respective streets.” Dieter Roelstraete, Eurozine Magazine

First published in Daniel Knorr: Led R. Nanirok, JRP|Ringier (Kunsthalle Basel and Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel) 2009

The book project started in 2007 in Romania with the first issue called “Carte de Artist” which means Artist Book. It was published in 240 unique copies, signed and numbered. Each copy contains different value-free objects that were found in public space, collected, inserted and pressed with about 30 inside the pages of the book.

The book also contains a DVD with a 32- minute film documenting the whole process of its production, with the different stages and the artist’s involvement. The plan is to create a global encyclopedia.

Images from the DVD that comes with the Romanian book.

Daniel Knorr was born 1968 in Bucharest, Romania and lives in Berlin, Germany.

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