Jodi Rose is a nomadic writer, artist, producer and creative director of Singing Bridges, an urban sonic sculpture using the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale. She is currently an Artistic Research MFA researcher at Trondheim Art Academy, Norway in the field of Art & Technology.

She embraces the philosophies of Fluxus and a lived experiential practice; collaborating with chance, playfulness and simplicity in her life, art and writing. During her travels to create music from the sound of bridges around the world, she has found herself recording in the snow under a bridge in Ljubljana; dangling from a crane on a bridge in Bangkok; initiating and mediating T.R.A.C.E.S and wearing a beard while immersed in an artists colony in Lithuania. Life is art and sometimes there is no ‘everyday’.

Originally from Australia, Rose has traversed the globe from Helsinki to the Mekong Delta, New York to Singapore in her quest for bridge music. Made with field-recordings, on-site interventions and site responsive improvisations, her fascination with the sounds and secret language of bridges has led to collaborations with artists around the world.

Her work explores the philosophical and musical aspects of cable vibrations through global transmissions and installations; hosting on-site sonic interventions, and dreams of linking bridges around the world in a Global Bridge Symphony.

Listen to Singing Bridges Music

Listening to the sound of bridge cables, the voice of each bridge is heard as an instrument for an expanded urban musical experience. Every bridge is connected to all other bridges through the vibrations in their structure. Echoing the telecommunications wires circling the earth, transmitting and receiving messages, codes and signals to stretch the boundaries of art and technology across geographical and architectural borders into a new acoustic form. Opening a space between where we live and where we dream, suspended across the threshold into another state…

‘The city is our temple, electronic networks our religion and the sound of the bridge cables is the voice of the divine.’

The culmination of Singing Bridges is the Global Bridge Symphony, linking the music of bridges in a live performance taking place in and from locations around the world.

Welcome to Bridgeland! is an art-research project in the fields of cultural acoustics, media arts /theory, site-specific intervention, oral history and alternative ethnographic memoir.

A global “Mythology of Bridges” includes performative happenings, subtle interventions, video/audio composition and poetic cultural essays. The interdisciplinary process is evident in the production of artworks, lectures, theoretical texts and archive-documentary materials. Welcome to Bridgeland! highlights the bridge as a place of transformative potential, the locus for metaphorical meanings and mythological experiences.

Artist Potrait by Foto-di-Matti

Headphones by Critical Senses

Archive websites include:

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