Diamond Galaxy

VR Worlds for Pixel Practice, Trondheim Open Digital Exhibition 

Art Bacchanale & Diamond Galaxy

Art Bacchanale is a universe of inter-species harmony. The lone human figure is an astronaut who offers a celebratory drink to the animals. Their speech is transfigured by the dynamics of social relations composed for a cargo ship to an imagined island tropical Utopia.

In the second VR world, Diamond Galaxy, the audience are invited to collect symbols of magical powers and through their touch, uplift both the animals and the angel to a new state.

Living in a universe of signs. Trying to decipher the sibylline codes for their meaning. Dreaming of the North and finding ways to open the door into parallel dimensions.  Searching for a viable creative Utopia. And remembering how to play!

Expanding the format of creative practice. We all contain universes, multiplicity of identities. Learning to accept messiness and creative play as part of artistic practice. 

Letting space for the unknown to take form within the work. Or shape it. Or inform. This is my first experiment in building virtual worlds. How to navigate the terrain, create emotional connection and adventure?


Jodi Rose & Liz Dom

Process based remote collaborative networking digital exhibition team

2020, when the world went www… The plan was to start the fall semester together, the plan was to meet and create, to grow and connect… the plan… did not go according to plan.

Pixel Practice: Follow the Link explores the relativity of space, seemingly unconnected works and remote, collaboration; the link between all three areas. What links us together is this virtual exhibition space. Many of us have never met in person, except in this virtual world we have created. Join our adventure in creative, online, remote and networked collaboration. Join the collaborative conversation, and play with us!

By developing multiple pulls of gravitation such as a collaborative virtual reality platform, a curatorial thread and weekly online communication, the artists were able to increase their general relativity, the culmination of a meeting of minds, instead of bodies.

Mapping out a plan with multiple entry points allows us to guide the viewer through their experience of our combined worlds. The doors of perception open, and the portals between our separate realities converge. We invite you to explore this stream of consciousness as it continues to evolve.

You care for each other, exchange gifts, find the secret cave and unlock the mysterious codes of the universe to open the portal into the next dimension.

Jodi Rose

Not knowing. Letting go of the outcome. Making a plan then ignoring it. Riding a new kind of creative surge that moves through her, surfing the waves of elemental energy. Inspired by conversation with friends, colleagues and classmates. Each reveals a new fragment of knowledge, a shift in perspective, a deeper layer of understanding. Her desire is to embed these experiences of connection and bring them into her world.

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