Video Art – Loop 2013

Loop 2013 Barcelona

Video Art is hot right now, and Loop 2013 Festival and Fair offers a glimpse into the latest most sizzling works.

The festival is focused with a different work on view in each of the rooms at the Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, also the location of THE POOL, an exhibition space and meeting with distributors, producers and press and showings in various galleries.

For the 2013 edition, the committee has selected a programme of 44 films, artists & galleries, including recent works by Harun Farocki, Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, Ryan Gander, Hans Op de Beeck, Ínci Eviner, Claire Hooper, Koki Tanaka, Emily Wardill or Adam Chodzko, amongst others. LOOP reaffirms its nature as a platform for premièring and discovering the latest works of artists and filmmakers, presenting over 18 unseen works by among others Gary Hill, Carlos Motta, Javier Pérez, Ivan Argote, Ferhat Özgur, Adela Babanova, Diego Bruno, Adrian Melis, Gaëlle Boucand, La Ribot, Elena Asins, Rob Carter, Jhafis Quintero, Clare Noonan, Enrique Ramirez.

LOOP was born in 2003 in Barcelona as the first fair exclusively devoted to video art, in order to provide the space, attitude and attention required by these practices, which have become a rarity amongst general fairs. LOOP has forged a strong community coming equally from the concomitant fields of contemporary art and cinema throughout its 11 editions, and is considered a highly efficient occasion to promote artists’ video and film amidst a specialized audience.

Adrian Melis, Momentos que marcaron el mundo II, 2012. Courtesy of  Adrian Melis and ADN Galería
Adrian Melis, Momentos que marcaron el mundo II, 2012. Courtesy of
Adrian Melis and ADN Galería

Adrian Melis, Momentos que marcaron el mundo II, 2012. Courtesy of Adrian Melis and ADN Galería

This year, for the first time ever, DoingDoing, an innovative online communication and debate platform, will give the world real-time access to LOOP. By connecting to DoingDoing from anywhere in the world will be able to experience and see what is being presented in the rooms of LOOP Fair and remotely participate in discussions and interviews which will take place on the set, in the heart of Barcelona.

The project, curated by El Arte en la Edad de Silicio for LOOP 2013, will be active during the afternoons of Thursday the 23rd of May and Friday the 24th at LOOP, between 16.00 and 20.00 hours  and will be transmitted real-time on the internet via DoingDoing, a connecting point between different realities, created by Comandante Tom. All Internet users are invited to participate in interviews and discussions to be held with artists, gallery owners, curators, international experts and visitors, who together will create a global event dedicated to video art.

LOOP is a showcase of selected artists’ video and films presented by their galleries. The LOOP 2013 Jury, led by Bartomeu Marí (Dir. MACBA) and composed by Valentijn Byvank (Dir. Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht), Mark Nash (independent curator) and Dirk Snauwaert (Dir. WIELS, Brussels), will distinguish the most outstanding work exhibited, as well as the most remarkable  gallery proposal from this edition.

POOL is the special projects and meeting ground of the event: a large, open multi‐functional space for meeting between the international community and the city organisations, the exhibition of projects that exceed the gallery’s structure but also the place to relax and discuss. It is located in the ‐1 level of the hotel, and will host a whole agenda of activities and exhibitions.

· PERFORMING THE IMAGE: a selection of artists from the media art class at HfG curated by Isaac Julien

·  The installation Spotting by artist Freya Hattenberger,  presented by imai – inter media art institute from Dusseldorf

· Hangar, Barcelona’s centre for art research and, will program a set of CapsuLabs beyond being responsible of designing the space of the POOL.

· DoingDoing, an innovative platform for communication and debate through internet, will be located in LOOP to open the event to the world by connecting the event and its protagonists with all the people willing to discuss on contemporary art and moving image.

· A stand-installation set by Story: We Produce, a producer in between video art and adversiting projects

In parallel and developed in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, LOOP Studies creates a space for professional discussion that aims to provide a collective examination on the concerns and challenges emerging in the fields of production, diffusion and management of artists’ films and videos specifically and culture production more generally.

LOOP 2013 celebrates its 11th edition with an outstanding selection of new films by leading artists. Produced by Screen Projects and in parallel to SCREEN Festival, LOOP is a dynamic hub created from the collaboration with more than 200 active professionals, institutions and organisations.

The selection, in which premières are taken into special consideration, is undertaken by the LOOP Committee, chaired by collector Jean‐Conrad Lemaître and composed by collectors Isabelle Lemaître, which are well known for their active collection and support of moving image art through initiatives such as the “StudioCollector Prize”; Josée and Marc Gensollen, renowned for their impressive collection of conceptual art displayed displayed in their converted‐workshop private home La Fabrique; and gallerist Christopher Grimes (Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica), whose endorsement of leading visual artists and filmmakers has lead him to organise exhibitions internationally.

Haro Cumbusyan, recently incorporated into the Loop committee, is a London‐based collector of contemporary art with a focus on moving image. He is the Founding Director of collectorspace, a nonprofit initiative that aims to open up critical discussions on collecting art, and to create a variety of reference points for new generations of collectors. collectorspace launched its first location in Istanbul in September 2011. Haro also serves on the Board of Directors of Studio Voltaire, an independent arts organization in London with an exhibition, commissioning, and performance programme, education initiatives, and artist studios. His addition to LOOP Committee’s reinforces the event’s quality criteria and expertise.

LOOP 2013 takes place on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of May in Barcelona.

Clare Noonan, Restoration Work, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and Motive  Gallery, Brussels
Clare Noonan, Restoration Work, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and Motive
Gallery, Brussels

Clare Noonan, Restoration Work, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and Motive Gallery, Brussels
Première at LOOP 2013

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