Unface Book


An intriguing venture into social media by Vibok Works – an experimental publishing micro-edition using facebook photos and an ambitious process of participatory co-authorship.

“Every November 21th Unface Book album will crystallize in a new edition, as long as it makes sense.”

Unface Book emerges from the eagerness to share and exchange our references and concerns although its ultimate goal lies elsewhere: To add a new “layer” to the obtuse reality of social-ludic actions and experiences on Facebook, forcing them to fit into an atypical artistic publishing project. Unface Book employs détournement, using Facebook’s memory to dislodge a part of our experience from its logic and reorganise it into one other project. See the EVOLVING BOOK here.

Unface Book® is an experimental publishing project aimed at using Facebook’s “Photos of you” tool and impact indicators to generate an accidental book.

The protocol is the following: At least every week over the course of one year, we will upload to the album a “micro-edition” consisting of an image and an associated quote. Every new micro-edition should be a reaction on the precedent material. Once this process has been completed, we will publish a book compiling a sellection of 30 image-quote pairs  minimum, including the 10 pairs with the greatest impact. Each pair will be published along with a report (visits, likes, shares and comments) and all the interactions that propelled it to leave Facebook and become part of the book. We will occasionally invite different authors and editors to create a pair for Unface Book. All participants will be included as co-authors and co-editors of the book.

Similar to Paula Álvarez’s other publishing experiments, Unface Book defies the distinction among the roles of publishers, readers and authors, making them interchangeable here, and visualises the creative and pragmatic limitations of the legal definition of authorship and the conventional management of authors’ rights in relation to technological capabilities.

Unface Book is the second title of Rewrite this book collection. It will be published under the ISBN of Vibok Works and a collective license. It can be obtained in print or digital format at a symbolic price to cover the cost of production and shipping.

If you are interested in editing a pair for Unface Book please contact us at contact@vibokworks.com, or just publish your pair in your wall and tag us.


Concept © Paula Álvarez.
Editors/Authors: Various.
Publisher: Vibok Works.
ISBN: 978-84-939058.
64 pages.
Size: 22x15cm.
Book Launch: November 20th 2013.
Safe Creatives © Vibok Works, 2012.

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