Imaginary Orchestra

Open Call

Association of Multimedia Artists AUROPOLIS and NOFM 2 [ARTSYNC] web radio invite performers from the fields of electro-acoustics, experimental electronics, voice experiment, sound art, improve, sound objects and field recording to participate in international artistic experiment.

Imaginary Orchestra is a metaphor for the outcome of the project’s concept, gathering sound material from all parts of the world through hyper space pool – whether materials are recorded for this purpose or are excerpts from home sessions, previously recorded or released sounds or live performing archive – with the aim to publish one or more digital releases per year composed and produced by sound artist in residence chosen to research the gathered archive and create unique works.

The core concept of IO is to overcome all physical barriers and funding obstacles that are disabling mobility of culture and disheartening collaborations with artists out of reach, weather it is a question of geographical distance or difference in the career phase [established – non established equally treated within the same project].

The IO project is set to become a permanent self-organized platform for investigating new paradigm of audible communications and artistic collaborations through the web.

Send your contributions, works or raw materials to [for files under 20MB only!] or request invitation for IO SugarSync or DropBox folders. Please indicate in the mail subject – For IO, tag your files the way you want them to be signed, send link or basic info about your activities.

For the 1st digital release to be published in February 2014 we collect material until 1st October 2013, all files that we receive after this date will be considered for the following releases.

AUROPOLIS and NOFM 2 [ARTSYNC] Belgrade, Serbia.


Dear friends,

Please find enclosed an open call I hope would interest some of you. It is a collective experiment – en effort in building a platform dedicated to collaborations focused on experimentation with form, web based sound exchange and performing – a cross-border cooperation stretching limits.

We invite performers, sound artists, electronic musicians, field recording artists and composers to join in this spontaneous initiative that might make a difference and boost visibility of artistic sound related arts.

At the very beginning of this production, as a final outcomes we set:
– annual digital release with collections, remixes and multichannel installations
– exhibition in Belgrade
– web streaming sessions and individual live acts
– full dedication and presentation in dedicated slots through NOFM2[ARTSYNC] 24/7 web streaming channel.

Hope you’ll join us as well and spread the word!

NOTE: If you don’t want to join Imaginary Orchestra but would like to be presented at the ArtSync web radio, please feel free to send your releases on this same e mail address.

Best regards and lots of courage for your art productions,


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