Resonate – The Best Kind of Noise

The cutting edge of contemporary creative industry met in Belgrade for RESONATE 2013, three days of intensive networking, information, knowledge sharing and education. Live coding, sensing touch, audio reactive mapping, digital kaleidoscope, augment anything, motors and music, open frameworks & asymmetric game design are just some of the workshops. Resonate brings artists together into a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture, from software engineering to visual arts theory, and aims to create a bridge between culturally separated segments of the artistic and intellectual scene.

We want to show that future is in the hands of those willing to experiment, individuals with simple desire to feed their inquisitive nature for knowledge and experience. We do not know what the future holds but the only way to find out is to create a platform where the most inspiring individuals can meet and share their ideas. Whereas internet has given us power to communicate to many, we need more events like Resonate where these ideas can flourish and “resonate”.

Excellent online archive where you can watch all the talks from last year and the latest as they happen.


A collaboration between Magnetic Field B, Dom Omladine in Belgrade and CreativeApplications.Net, Resonate 2013 Festival took place in Belgrade and with over 1200 visitors from all over the world, over 75 artists, thinkers, writers and performers in 16 workshopsover 40 talksscreenings and performances.

Participants include Casey ReasJoachim Sauter (ART+COM), ZimounKlaus ObermaierMoritz StefanerZach GageTale of TalesGolan LevinIvan PoupyrevRaquel MeyersAnthony Dunne (RCA), Cohen van BalenKarsten SchmidtSpaces of PlayMemo AktenAndreas Müller (Nanikawa), James BridleLiam YoungKyle McDonaldPeter KirnStudio NAND, & onedotzero. Likewise the CAN/HOLO team will be at resonate too including Greg J Smith, Alexander Scholz and Sherry Kennedy.

Talk about generative design to manufacturing, Plask and WebGL, Unity as a Tool for Non-Games, Generative Design, Datatainment, Large Scale Projection Mapping, Urban Prototyping and discussion panels about Tools or Instruments, Surveillance and Transparency, Coding Narratives, Interaction and Performance and Design Fiction: Provocations & Pedagogy. onedotzero screened a special version of their programme/selection for Resonate festival and participating artists panel discussion.

The night programme featured Pantha du PrinceMouse on MarsDj DinkyValensMonosaccharideMarko NasticJan Nemecek and we’ve also teamed up with a number of bars and clubs in Belgrade to celebrate the opening of the festival meaning not one party but many.

If you are not able to come to resonate this year, follow updates on our Twitter or Facebook. All talks are being recorded so the same as last year you will have a chance to watch to them later.

CAN is back next week so in the meantime, check: | resonate on Facebook | resonate on Twitter | Full Programme of Resonate 2013

Resonate is supported by MailChimp, Ministry of Culture and Information in Serbia, Hi-ReS!, AudiovisualAcademy, Dom Omladine Belgrade, RedBull, Macola, Orion Telekom, The Studio for Creative Inquiry, Nexus Productions and Antipod.

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