Lost Lectures, Berlin

This evening I am going to the Lost Lectures with the seriously awesome Michelle O’Brien. Will report back!


The Lost Lectures is a unique series of ‘Enchanting Talks from Secret Locations’.  We take lectures out of traditional corporate and academic environments and into incredible secret spaces that surprise, delight and bring the imagination to life. We invite a magically eclectic host of speakers: 6 per evening, from the worlds of science, art, design, business, blogging, entertainment and more.  Their talks range from the sublime to the ridiculous, which is just how we like it!


BERLIN: April 4th 2013

Josef Průša: is considered something of a revolutionary: an open-source ‘genius’ and a pioneer in the world of  3D printing.  He’s one of the lead developers of theRepRap project: an open-source hardware project that is fundamentally changing the rules of manufacture, creating wealth without money (who needs money when you can make anything?), logistics (who needs deliveries when you have the blueprint?) and forging a new future seemingly without limits.  Josef is coming from Prague to share his 3D vision of the future and demonstrate his brilliant replicating machine.

Katharina Frosch is an economist and co-founder of Stadtgarten, a community-based gardening initiative that encourages would-be gardeners to use this public space to grow and harvest their own vegetables and share in the spoils: over 1000 servings of fresh, organic fruit and veg last year!  She is also the co-creator of Mundraub, an internet platform that enables users to share the location of fruit trees lying on common or non-farmed land so they can be tended and harvested.  Both projects have been awarded prizes by the German Council of Sustainable Development.  Katharina will talk about the importance of collaboration and community (both real and digital) in channelling the agricultural potential of our planet.

Prof. Björn Brembs:  is Professor of Neurogenetics at Regensburg University: he’s a prolific blogger and world authority on how the brain accomplishes adaptive behavioural choice, in other words how the brain is organised for reward, punishment and decision-making. In 15 minutes, he’ll describe a new understanding of neurons and circuits ending centuries of philosophical debate around the idea of ‘free will’ and use neuroscience to wrestle this term from its philosophical ancestry, the goal being to arrive at a scientific and factual understanding of the fascinating and uniquely human concept of free will.

Anke Domscheit-Berg is an entrepreneur and a campaigner for both open government and better opportunities for women in leadership roles.  She’s on the board of Government 2.0 and previously worked as Director of Government Relations & Innovation at Microsoft.  She’s the founder of FemPower, an organisation that advises female executives on how to break the glass ceiling andOpengov, a body that advises governments and policy makers to develop and implement open government strategies, making them more transparent and participative.  In her talk, Anke will reveal a new way of politics, one where government and civil society can collaborate, share data and work together towards common goals, creating a fairer, more open society.

Peaches is an electro artist known for her ravenously raunchy, gender-twisting mix of explosive electro-clash, with tracks like Fuck the Pain Away and Mommy Complex.  Music is just one element in her expansive oeuvre: throughout her career, she’s furthered her experimental sound and stage creations, allowing us to experience the evolution of the Peaches persona.  From electronic music machines to pink bathing suits, giant necklaces to hairy costumes, Peaches has pushed the boundaries of self-expression to their breaking point.  In this no-holds-barred performance (part talk, part interactive show), Peaches will demonstrate that it’s in losing fear that we will gain freedom of expression and experience real creativity.

We are planning to announce one final iconic speaker on the night itself (Lost X), we are still awaiting clarity on this, thus their identity must remain shrouded in mystery.

As always there’ll be a bar open till late, free-running demo from one of Germany’s foremost parkour crew, ParkourONE intro’d by Ben Scheffler as well as a musical mash-up of an interval, a chance to meet all the speakers and then, the afterparty!!

Until then, Lostlings… keep this to a whisper.

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