neural bridge network.

Sketches in Sonic Architecture.

Art & Technology MFA Trondheim Art Academy, Norway

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Bridge playing trumpet

After two days in the studio I worked through so many of the conceptual questions that have been bugging me for months. And opened up a stack of new ones. Basically, I managed to hack my way around the twotone file structure and get my bridge samples into their system, playing as instruments in the…

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Acceleration Data Sonification

Thanks to the generous structural monitoring engineers at NTNU, I have access to an incredible range of accelerometer data from the Hardanger Bridge. It only took one more specific search term, and is published under a creative commons (cc-by) license. Now the fun really starts – downloading the csv files: LowWind, HighFreq; MaxLift, LowFreq, MaxPitch,…

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Data Sonification session one

Data Sonification toolkit coming together! Today I’m learning about twotone and how to resucitate a dead web audio interface. The wonderful Øystein Fjeldbo comes by to help me navigate this brave data world, and talks me through some of the options I’m exploring to make a proof-of-concept. First up, based on a tutorial in the…

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