Ninety9 Launch

On August 8, 2013 by jodirose

Vanessa Berry revisits the world of Sydney independent music, zines and records shops,  in the 90s. Strangely apt for my sense of time travel having recently landed in my home town. (JR)

‘Ninety 9’ Book Launch

Vanessa Berry‘s writing has a sense of place: the Inner West. In the world of wine they call it terroir. Everyone else probably calls it not forgetting your roots. In Vanessa Berry’s memoir, she lays those roots bare: a teenage music fan in Sydney in the ’90s. Ninety 9 is a slice of ’90s nostaliga featuring the mixtapes made from recording off the radio, the band tshirts, staying up late to watch Rage and records stores such as Waterfront, Half a Cow, Phantom and Red Eye in which she also first discovered zines. Appropriately it will be launched at The Midnight Special, a bar dedicated to music, in the Inner West. Cleo Braithwaite

Ninety9 will be launched in Sydney on August 14th at The Midnight Special in Enmore.

Come along and celebrate the book’s release, hear some stories from the book and dance to The Meanies and Babes in Toyland as DJ Earley Curley replicates the playlist of his 90s community radio show live.

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