Chinese DIY Inventions

These are amazing! Home made robots, flying machines, submarines and more… from...

30th May 2013

Unwieldy Beast

Tinkling the ivories while riding a bicycle? Yes, this charming story from The Atlantic...

30th May 2013
Piano Bike & Bridge - screenshot from Vimeo

Can art make changes?

Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence Transdisciplinary expedition, production workshop...

22nd Apr 2013
No to 6. nuclear power plant, sign at Parhalahti village in Pyhäjoki, 2012.

Artistic Cartography

Walking And Mapping  Artists as Cartographers By Karen O’Rourke “Today, the convergence...

18th Apr
Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers by Karen O'Rourke

Women + Media Art

Berlin’s media art community: a female perspective Tuesday 9th April, 2013 //...

18th Apr
Andrea Goetzke, Diana McCarty, Lisa Lang PPhoto: Gretchen Blegen @ Supermarkt.

Extracting Audio from Pictures

These are prints made on paper that are actual sound recordings. One,...

06th Apr