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Making sense of contemporary culture from inside the kaleidoscope.

Everything goes better with art!

Hello, I’m Jodi Rose – artistwriterr0g agent and creative producer living in Berlin and Sydney – sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer volume of art and culture going on everywhere, in the streets and online.

How is culture transmitted? It is like a signal or a disease? Do you transmit codes or get infected by ideas?

Here is an effort to absorb, filter and reflect on the wider currents, tributaries and tangential streams of cultural life. Because I can’t keep it all in my head, and recently one of my friends threatened to start a blog called “links Jodi sent me!” His introduction to my guest lecture on the Contemporary Art Theory MFA program: “Jodi is an incredibly active contributor to the international community of artists, with projects and collaborations ranging from gallery exhibitions to cultural development research, her practice is one of the most diverse, interdisciplinary, and engaging that I have encountered anywhere…” and so here we are.

Making an attempt to navigate patterns through the flow and offer insight, experience and ideas towards understanding the layers and complexities of contemporary culture. Writing from an artist perspective, I also take the position of reviewer or interviewer, although I never claim an objective authority or position as “expert,” I have realised that the cognitive tools I use to sift and connect ideas could be usefully shared and trust this may be interesting, relevant and offer transformative perceptions, knowledge or ideas to help to make sense of this strange and beautiful world.

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